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Building & Wall Painter Services

We now offer building paint, house paint and wall painting services in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. We can do paint work related to new construction as well as maintenance using the following paint types: whitewash, distemper, plastic emulsion, enamel, matt and weathershield paint. In addition to these paint types, we also provide rockwall, graphy (graffi or pocha) and Karachi sand plaster (color crete sand) application services.

Paint services are offered in two ways: either you can pay for the painters' labour only and provide your own paint materials OR you can pay for both the painter labour service and paint material and we will provide a turnkey solution to you (services and goods). We recommend the latter for maximum peace of mind.

Please see our prices page for a full list of our services.

    Pay by cash, cheque or online banking.


    All our prices are transparently listed in units so you don't have to bargain.


    Our team will get the job done in time and in budget.


Wall Painting Service - Repaint
Repaint - Labour Only 20 per SqFt
Repaint - Simple Distemper / Whitewash with Material Starting at 35 per SqFt
Repaint - Plastic Emulsion with Material 50 - 55 per SqFt
Repaint - Enamel with Material 60 - 65 per SqFt
Repaint - Weathershield with Material (scaffolding excluded**)50 - 55 per SqFt
Wall Painting Service - New Paint*
New Paint - Labour Only 25 - 30 per SqFt
New Paint - Simple Distemper / Whitewash with Material Starting at 45 - 50 per SqFt
New Paint - Plastic Emulsion with Material Starting at 70 - 75 per SqFt
New Paint - Enamel with Material 80 - 85 per SqFt
New Paint - Weathershield with Material (scaffolding excluded**)Starting at 70 - 75 per SqFt
Polishing Call for Price
Other Finishes
Graffi (Graphy) Call for Price
Karachi Sand Plaster (Colour Crete) - very strong & long lasting finish Call for Price
Rockwall Call for Price
  • *New paint is for a fresh wall that has never been painted before and requires additional efforts to prepare surface like sanding, fillings, primer and/or wall putty. Repaint is for walls that have had paint before and just need to be repainted with slight fillings.
  • **Scaffolding is not included for exterior and will be quoted separately.
  • Material quoted will be from ICI, Dulux, Berger or equivalent brands.


  • How many people will come on the order?

    Our technical team usually consists of one technician and one helper who work together to complete the job efficiently. If the job is simple, we may send one technician only. For paint services however, we will inform you of the number of painters we intend to engage on your property.

  • Do I have to be present for the order?

    We recommend either you or somebody you delegate is present at the property in order to sign off paperwork once the job is completed.

  • How long will it take to complete my order?

    This mainly depends on the total area that requires paint. The larger the area, the longer it will take to complete the job. Normally with all our quotations we also provide a time estimate.

  • Why do you have minimum order charges?

    For regular orders we have minimum order charges of PKR 1,500 for Zone 1 and PKR 2,000 for Zone 2. For paint services however, minimum charges are Rs. 5,000. This is to cover administrative costs such as fuel, transport, communication etc.

    Don't worry this will not be charged to you separately in case your order size is above the minimum charge. For example if you order repaint services of an area equal to 1,000 SqFT which is priced at Rs. 15 per SqFt, you will not be billed minimum charges since the amount (Rs. 15,000) is higher than the minimum threshold (Rs. 5,000 in this case).

  • Do you provide sales tax invoices against your services?

    Yes we are proudly a sales tax registered entity and enrolled with FBR (Islamabad), PRA (Punjab), KPRA (KPK), and SRB (Sindh). We will provide a full sales tax invoice on request.

Additional Information:

a. For paint services, minimum order charges are Rs. 5,000.

b. Minimum charges do not apply to members. Corporate & residential member clients are additionally given free visits as well as exclusive discounts. Please get in touch with us to discuss memberships further.

c. The rates above are for the labour / service on per item basis only; and they do not include the price for parts.

d. Quotations can be provided through the phone and email.

e. We also provide construction and renovation services at competitive prices.

f. If there is some job you can't find in the price list above, please call us and we'll gladly give you a quote.

g. In case a job that is being done is not listed, we will bill at Rs. 500 per hour per technician. ^&Cs apply.