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Manpower Outsourcing, Employee Outsourcing, Payroll & EOR Services in Pakistan

Manpower outsourcing services, also referred to as employee outsourcing services or third-party outsourcing services or Employer of Record (EOR) services, can greatly reduce human resource management issues in organizations. Maintaining in-house employees and teams can be a challenging task due to a stringent compliance regime in Pakistan. A company for example would have to abide by the minimum labour laws, maintain registration with Employees Old Age Benefits Institution, Social Security Institution, Labour Department (Form C) and also ensure other compliances like employee group insurance and gratuities. Furthermore, the company would need to hire additional officers, managers, legal and tax consultants in order to manage its workforce which would further drive up costs.

Third-party outsourcing service providers like The Handyman already have the necessary compliance registrations and are specialists in human resource management. We can calculate payroll and disburse salaries after deductions for income taxes, advances and fines etc. To save time and hassle of registration compliance as well as repetitive payroll disbursements, companies both in Pakistan and worldwide are choosing to outsource their employees.

Benefits of Outsourcing & EOR Services

  • Relief from day-to-day HR operations and management which enables companies to focus on their core operations.
  • Saving of valuable time as less time is spent on payroll preparation and HR matters.
  • Improved efficiency as calculations are the responsibility of the payroll services provider.
  • Saves lengthy compliance requirements of maintaining and complying with registrations with EOBI, Provincial Social Security and Provincial Labour Departments.
  • Foreign companies don't need to register an entity in Pakistan and can completely outsource their payroll to us.

  • Our Services

    Once you hire our services, we will act as an Employer of Record (EOR) and will issue employee contracts on your behalf. Our services will include:

    Hiring & Replacement of Staff
  • Shortlisting, interviewing and hiring employees on behalf of client.
  • Drafting and issuance of employment contracts & letters on behalf of client.
  • Conducting background security checks of employees.
  • Assistance in setting up bank accounts of employees.
  • Laying off and terminating employees through written letters and notices.
  • All legal matters pertaining to the employment are handled by The Handyman.

  • Maintaining HR Records
  • Conducting background security checks of employees.
  • Maintaining digital and physical copies of biodata forms, banking details, contracts & offer letters, identity cards (CNIC), insurance documents, payslips, pictures, security verification documents, termination letters etc.
  • Maintaining attendance and leave records.
  • Maintaining overtime records.
  • Enrolling new employees into EOBI, Social Security, Labour department and Group Insurance records.
  • Removing outgoing employees from EOBI, Social Security, Labour department and Group Insurance records.

  • Salary and Remuneration Disbursements
  • Payroll is calculated after taking into account any overtime, income tax, EOBI deductions, leaves, fines, loans etc.
  • Salaries are disbursed instantly through an online banking portal.
  • Employees are issued personal ATM cards as well as a digital banking app to withdraw or transfer their funds.

  • Compliances and payments
  • We comply with minimum wage laws of all provinces.
  • We account for, deduct and pay income taxes when disbursing salaries and file the necessary quarterly statements to FBR (tax department).
  • We deduct, pay and file EOBI contributions on monthly basis.
  • We pay and file Provincial Social Security contributions on monthly basis.

  • Employee Welfare
  • Employees Old Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) contributions and payments are made on a monthly basis which ensures workers are given old age benefits such as pension, survivors grant, disability grants, old age grant etc upon reaching age of retirement.
  • Provincial Social Security Institution contributions are paid on a monthly basis which ensures medical facilities (including coverage of medicines and tests) to workers and their immediate families at approved public hospitals.
  • Group life insurance payments are made on a monthly basis that provides compensation in case of death of employee.
  • Private medical insurance although not mandatory is recommended for workers and is offered at very economical rates.

  • Uniforms & Equipment
  • We provide uniforms for our workers (where required).
  • For some services the supply of materials and equipment is essential with the workforce, as is the case with for example cleaning and janitorial teams. The Handyman can arrange both cleaning supplies as well as equipment such as vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, washers etc.


  • 1. Sign Agreement

    Client enters into an outsourcing agreement with The Handyman.

  • 2. Hiring of Employees

    The Handyman will shortlist and interview potential candidates. After client's approval they will be formally issued employment contracts.

  • 3. Deployment

    Employees will now officially be on payroll of The Handyman but they will provide services and work for the client. .


  • What kind of manpower can you provide?

    We provide manpower according to your (client) need. All kind of skilled and unskilled workforce including cleaners, janitors, cooks, drivers, gardeners, office boys can be hired. We can also hire officers, managers and specialists depending on your requirement.

  • We already have existing staff but want to outsource them to another company like The Handyman. Can you arrange this?

    Yes, we can hire your existing employees on our payroll. For the transfer, you simply have to layoff/terminate the existing staff in writing. The Handyman will then issue new employment contracts and subsequently deploy them to your premises. This way they will continue to serve your company while being on our payroll.

  • How do you bill for your services?

    We send an invoice for our services along with supporting documents such as attendance reports at the end of the each month. The invoices are sent on a recurring basis. We send a digital invoice through an official email whereas the physical copy is couriered.

  • Do you provide sales tax invoices against your services?

    Yes we are proudly a sales tax registered entity and enrolled with FBR (Islamabad), PRA (Punjab), KPRA (KPK), and SRB (Sindh). We will provide a full sales tax invoice against the rendered services.

  • We are ready to work with The Handyman. How do we get started?

    We would first require a service level agreement (SLA) to be signed between our respective organizations. The SLA details the scope of work, responsibilities and the pricing for the services. Once this is done, we will initiate the hiring and start issuing employment contracts. Subsequently the workforce will be deployed to your premises. Please contact us for further information.