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side by side picture of storage geysers and an instant geyser for comparison

Instant Geyser vs. Storage Geyser: A guide on choosing the right water heater for your home.

Hot water is a necessity in most households, but the type of water geyser you choose can significantly impact your energy consumption, budget, and available space. So, which one should you choose: an instant water geyser or a storage geyser?

The Handyman has prepared this guide to help you select the right geyser for your home.

Instant Water Geysers or Heaters

Instant water geysers, also known as tankless water heaters, are compact units that heat water on demand. They don't have a storage tank, so they only heat the water you need when you need it. This can be a good option for small homes or apartments where space is limited and where a small quantity of water is required at a time like in case of bathroom and kitchen taps etc.

There are many advantages of installing both instant geyser or storage geyser; Similarly there are also disadvantages of each type of geyser type which are detailed below:

Advantages of Instant Geyser

  • Compact size: Fits easily in smaller spaces.

  • Energy-efficient: Only heats water when needed saving on gas.

  • Reduced standby heat loss: Saves energy compared to storage geysers.

  • Value for money: Inexpensive when compared to storage geysers and can be replaced without making a dent on your budget.

  • Disadvantages of Instant Geyser

  • Fluctuating water temperature: Water temperature may vary depending on the flow rate.

  • Limited capacity: Not suitable to supply hot water for multiple bathrooms or kitchens as it can only carry 2-3 litres at a time.

  • Not suitable for showers: Instant heater does not work well in showers or where water flow is high due to lack of storage.

  • Storage Water Geysers or Heaters

    Storage water geysers are traditional units with an insulated tank that stores hot water. They keep a large volume of water hot for immediate use, making them ideal for large families or homes with multiple bathrooms.

    Advantages of Storage Geyser

  • Provides hot water for multiple uses: Suitable for large families or multiple bathrooms.

  • Constant water temperature: Delivers consistent hot water regardless of flow rate.

  • Suitable for showers: Due to in-built tank unlike an instant heater, this kind of geyser is suitable for taking hot showers.

  • Many options: Storage geysers are available in gas, electricity & hybrid ranges and come in different tank capacities.

  • Disadvantages of Storage Geyser

  • Larger size: Requires more space than instant geysers.

  • Standby heat loss: Loses heat while not in use, wasting energy.

  • Limited hot water supply: Can run out of hot water if used extensively.

  • High Cost: More expensive than an instant geyser. Prices mainly depend on the tank capacity and the brand.

  • Safety hazard: Overheating of geyser can result in explosion if made of poor quality.

  • Which is the right geyser for you?

    The best type of water geyser for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider your budget, space and hot water usage. For example if you have a large family or use multiple hot water appliances simultaneously, and/or if you prefer taking hot showers instead of using a bucket for bathing etc, then a storage geyser is definitely a better option.

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