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AC & HVAC Services

We offer AC & HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) services in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. Our AC Technicians are skilled, trained and professional, and can do any kind of HVAC job.

We provide air conditioner installation services (including split, window, cassette type units). We also provide air conditioner cleaning services, air conditioner repairs (such as diagnosis, leaks, compressor and capacitor problems, cooling issues etc), and gas refilling (*refrigerant / freon) services. Furthermore, we also provide maintenance & repair services relating to commercial units such as central cooling systems, chillers, AHU / FAHU units etc.

Whether you are a residential customer with a minor problem or a commercial enterpise with a large problem, The Handyman is ready to service you. Our prices are really affordable and competitive. Please see our prices page for a full list of our services.

*Please note that we use only genuine Honeywell gases and refrigerants.


    Pay by cash, cheque or online banking.


    All our prices are transparently listed in units so you don't have to bargain.


    Our team will get the job done in time and in budget.


  • How many people will come on the order?

    Our technical team usually consists of one technician and one helper who work together to complete the job efficiently. If the job is simple, we may send one technician only.

  • Do I have to be present for the order?

    We recommend either you or somebody you delegate is present at the property in order to sign off paperwork once the job is completed.

  • How long does it take to install an air conditioner?

    This depends on how far the internal and external units are installed from each other and on the thickness of the wall. For Split AC installation it can usually take up to 2 hours per unit.

  • How long does it take to service or clean an air conditioner?

    For regular service it can take up to 30-45 minuters per AC. However if you go for deep cleaning, where AC units have to be removed, cleaned and then reinstalled, it can take up to 2 hours per unit.

  • What gases or refrigerants do you use for air conditioners?

    We use Honeywell R22 for conventional ACs and Honeywell R410 for inverter ACs. Furthermore, we purchase cylinders through official distributors to ensure they are 100% genuine.

  • Why do you have minimum order charges?

    We have minimum order charges of 2 hours (i.e Rs 500 x 2) for Zone One and 3 hours (Rs 500 x 3) for Zone Two. This is to cover administrative costs such as fuel, transport, communication etc. Don't worry this will not be charged to you separately in case your order size is above the minimum charge. For example if you order AC installation services which are priced at Rs. 2,000 per AC, you will not be billed minimum charges since the amount is higher than the minimum threshold.

  • Do you provide sales tax invoices against your services?

    Yes we are proudly a sales tax registered entity and enrolled with FBR (Islamabad), PRA (Punjab), KPRA (KPK), and SRB (Sindh). We will provide a full sales tax invoice on request.


Services Details Rates in PKR
Gas Refilling - Fridge / Refrigerator / Deep Freezer (Guaranteed USA Honeywell Gas) 3,500 per kg
Gas Refilling for Regular AC (Guaranteed USA Honeywell R22 Gas) 3,500 per kg
Gas Refilling for Inverter AC (Guaranteed USA Honeywell R410 Gas) 4,000 per kg
HVAC, Central Cooling System & Commercial Chiller Service (We also do Maintenance & Repair) Call for Price
Installation of Split Unit (with up to 10 feet piping installation free) 2,000
Installation of Standing Floor Unit (2 Ton Unit without piping) 3,500
Piping Per Foot Labour (beyond complimentary 10 feet installation) 100 per ft
Removal of AC (if shifting or changing ACs) 1,000
PCB card repairing Call for Price
Split AC Service / Cleaning Normal (without removing units) 1,000
Split AC Service / Cleaning Full (We will remove both inner & outer units to clean) 2,000
Window AC Service 1,000
Service Casette and Standing Units 4,000
  • *Our Gas is guaranteed to be original USA Honeywell (This has more cooling & is better than cheap Chinese gas).
  • Minimum of Rs. 2,000 chargeable when refilling gas.
  • Additional Information:

    a. For clients residing in Zone 1 (E, F, G, H & i sectors of Islamabad), minimum charges of 2 hours (i.e PKR 500 x 2) will apply. If your order takes less than 2 hours, you will still be billed PKR 1,000.

    b. For clients residing in Zone 2 (Bani Gala, Bhara Kahu, Bahria Town, PWD, DHA, & Rawalpindi etc), minimum charges of 3 hours (i.e PKR 500 x 3) will apply. If your order takes less than 3 hours, you will still be billed PKR 1,500..

    c. Minimum charges do not apply to members .

    d. Corporate & Residential Member clients are additionally given free visits as well as exclusive discounts. Please get in touch with us to discuss memberships further.

    e. The rates above are for the Labour / Service on per item basis only; and they do not include the price for parts.

    f. Quotations through the phone and email are free.

    g. We also provide construction and renovation services at special prices.

    h. If there is some job you can't find in the price list above, please call us and we'll gladly give you a quote.

    i. In case a job that is being done is not listed, we will bill at Rs. 500 per hour per technician. This only applies to jobs that are not listed.