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Incorporated on 21st November 2014, The Handyman is a Pakistan Engineering Council registered (PEC 69296) construction and maintenance company. It is also the first of its kind professional handyman services provider in Pakistan. A ‘Handyman’ is a term used to describe technicians such as Electricians, Plumbers, AC Technicians, Carpenters, Painters etc. Our team of qualified handymen is available to help households and businesses deal with all those cleaning, electrical, plumbing, painting, and other jobs that require urgent attention. We also offer construction and renovation Services. So whether you are constructing or remodeling a house, office, commercial plaza, or simply require maintenance & repair, The Handyman is ready to service you. Our prices are really affordable and competitive.

The inspiration behind The Handyman was the difficulties one would face of finding a professional technician. One would have to find these handymen through word of mouth or from a hardware store nearby. The obvious problem with this was that most of these handymen lacked professionalism, and / or skills. Furthermore they were often just not available or reliable, or simply charged way over what is considered reasonable. It was clear that there was a need for a professional handyman service and we jumped at the idea!

So, why should you use The Handyman?
1. Professional & Trained Technicians: All our handymen are well trained and skilled. They are further background-checked and are honest & reliable.
2. Quick Response: Our handymen use motor bikes to minimize delays and reach the Client on time.
3. Wide Availability: We provide services both on weekdays and weekends. We also provide a late night service for emergencies (at a higher rate).
4. Well Equipped: We provide our employees with the best tools and make sure that they are smartly uniformed. This ensures that the technician does not waste time to run back and forth looking for parts and tools
5. Capability: We have the capability to do both small and large jobs. From fixing something as small as a muslim shower to large commercial & residential projects such as Water Distribution Networks and Building Works, you can count on The Handyman to do the job for you. No job is too small or big for us!
6. Affordable Pricing: We charge sensible prices that are really competitive even when compared to contractors or freelance technicians. The clients are further given invoices professionally and don’t have to go through the worry of over-pricing.
7. Monthly / Annual Maintenance Packages: We now also offer Monthly Maintenance Packages for both households and corporate clients. This is great value for money as the memberships come with free monthly maintenance & repair visits as well as exclusive discounts on new work. Household maintenance & repair packages start as low as Rs. 600 per month. Corporate packages are tailored to suit your company's needs. The Handyman is a complete facilites management solution. Get in touch with us for further information!
8. One Window Solution: We offer one window solutions for all your construction and maintenance & repair needs. You don't even have to worry about the purchasing and transportation of parts as The Handyman can arrange those for you. We also offer complete facility management services (also known as facilities management or FM services).
9. Toll Free Helpline: We offer a convenient Toll-Free 0800 helpline (080042639 or 0800HANDY) so our clients can get in touch with us at any time.
10. 100% Satisfaction*: We provide a 48-hour repair guarantee* after the job has been completed, in case the customer is not satisfied*. We also give a follow-up call to the client to take their feedback ensuring 100% peace of mind!

The business is owned by the The Handyman (Private) Limited, which is proudly a 100% Pakistani owned company. Getting in touch with us could not be easier. You can make a booking by visiting www.thehandyman.com.pk or calling us on 0800-42639 or 051-848-7800. We will be glad to provide you a free quotation and / or further information.


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  • Address: Second floor, 4A Utility Plaza, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Email: info@thehandyman.com.pk
  • Website: www.thehandyman.com.pk
  • Tel: 0800-42639, 051-848-7800
    We are open 9AM to 6PM
    Monday to Sunday (7 Days a Week)


  • “I got the best services from The Handyman. They did the job well and on time, and most importanty they were very affordable!"

    Ishfaq Khan

  • “I no longer have to worry about my children breaking things. I rely on The Handyman for all my home maintenance needs."

    Haya Sabri

  • “Finding a Plumber or Electrician isn't difficult anymore. Just call The Handyman. I am a super proud customer!"

    Farah Khan

  • “I am an extremely happy customer. The Handyman offers services in Islamabad that are both professional and excellent!"

    Umer Ehsan Waraich