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We offer a fixed price system for our Services. Therefore you will be billed for all the work done by our Handymen on a 'Single Job basis'. Our prices are very affordable and competitive. Please note that for non-members, minimum order charges of Rs. 500* will be applicable. So say for example a non-member client orders Rs. 150 worth of electrical work, the total amount the non-member client would have to pay would be Rs. 500* even though the actual amount would have been Rs. 150 if there were no minimum charges. If however, in the same example, the non-member client orders Rs. 850 worth of works, then the non-member would pay the actual Rs. 850 only as their order value would be above the minimum order charges. Minimum charges do NOT apply to clients with Memberships. The chart below does not include the price for parts.

Electrical Work Charges

Services Details Rates in PKR
Breaker Replacement (One / Two Phase) 500
Breaker Replacement 63amp 800
Breaker Replacement 100amp 1,200
CCTV Camera Installation (Simple Camera) per unit1,000
Ceiling Capacitor Replacement (Slow RPM Fix)300
Chandelier Light Assembly and Installation Call for Price
Cleaning - Ceiling Fans Click here for cleaning services
Cleaning - Exhaust Fans Click here for cleaning services
Cleaning - Lights Click here for cleaning services
Distribution Box Installation without Wiring (24 Breakers Residential) 2,000
Distribution Box Installation INCLUDING Wiring (24 Breakers Residential)5,000
Earthing (grounding system) without materials 8,000
Exhaust Fan Installation (Breaking wall will be charged extra)1,000
Fault / Short Circuit Tracing / Diagnosis 1,000
Generator Installation with Changeover Switch 5,000
Generator Service 1 to 20KVA (Oil & Filter Change) Click here for generator services
Intercom InstallationCall for Price
LCD / LED TV Installation (Up to 40")1,000
LCD / LED TV Installation (42" or more)1,500
Networking / LAN Wire Per Ft. Call for Price
Solar Panel System Installation Call for Price
Telephone PABX / PBX Exchange Installation Call for Price
UPS Installation Single Battery1,000 plus Rs. 300 per point for wiring
UPS Installation Double Battery2,000 plus Rs. 300 per point for wiring
Wire Conduiting (Grey structure stage) with cutting & grinding per SqFt - New Construction15 per SqFt x total covered area
Wiring (Finishing stage) per SqFt - New Construction15 per SqFt x total covered area
Wiring or installation of light, plug socket or switch etc per point (for maintenance & repair only) 300 plus 10 Rft

Cleaner & Janitor Rates

Services Details Rates in PKR
Cleaning of Rooms and General Area (Exclusive of Kitchen & Bathroom areas) Rs. 5 per SqFt
Cleaning of Kitchens Rs. 8 per SqFt
Cleaning of Bathrooms Rs. 10 per SqFt
Per Week Basis (Janitor will work for a whole week) Call For Price
Per Month Basis (Janitor will work for the whole month) - Discounts available for group Call For Price
Marble & Tile Floor Waxing (for average shine - using water and wax buffing only) Rs. 15 per SqFt (for areas larger than 1,000 square feet)
Marble & Tile Chemical Floor Polish (for extra shine and glow - using formula consisting of water, sodium chloride, sodium nitrate, venol, bleach with buffing) Rs. 18 per SqFt (for areas larger than 1,000 square feet)
External Building & Facade Cleaning (using suspended platform, tucker pole, aerial elevator or abseiling system) Rs. 35 per SqFt (for areas larger than 750 square feet)

HVAC, A/C Service & Gas Refilling Rates

Services Details Rates in PKR
Gas Refilling - Fridge / Refrigerator / Deep Freezer (Guaranteed USA Honeywell Gas) 2,500 per kg
Gas Refilling for Regular AC (Guaranteed USA Honeywell R22 Gas) 2,500 per kg
Gas Refilling for Inverter AC (Guaranteed USA Honeywell R410 Gas) 3,000 per kg
HVAC, Central Cooling System & Commercial Chiller Service (We also do Maintenance & Repair) Call for Price
Installation of Split Unit (with up to 10 feet piping installation free) 2,000
Installation of Standing Floor Unit (2 Ton Unit without piping) 3,500
Piping Per Foot Labour (beyond complimentary 10 feet installation) 100 per ft
Removal of AC (if shifting or changing ACs) 1,000
PCB card repairing Call for Price
Split AC Service / Cleaning Normal (without removing units) 1,000
Split AC Service / Cleaning Full (We will remove both inner & outer units to clean) 2,000
Window AC Service 1,000
Service Casette and Standing Units 4,000

Plumbing Work Rates

Services Details Rates in PKR
Bathroom & Kitchen Service
Bathroom Service (Toilet Seat Tank and Muslim Shower Cleaning) Per Point / Item500
Drain Blockage (from sink to trap) opening per drain500
Drain Blockage (from trap to mainline) opening per drainCall for Price
Drain Blockage (Toilet Seat) opening per drain Call for Price
General Plumbing Service
Bathroom Accessory Set Installation (Pieces like Towel Rack + Toilet Roll + Soap Holder etc)200 per piece
Bathroom (Simple) - Complete Piping including sink, toilet, faucets, and showers - New Construction 12,000
Bathroom (Advanced) - Complete Piping including sink, toilet, faucets, and showers including bathtub and vanity - New Construction 15,000
Bathtub Installation2,500
Flush Button & Lever Change / Repair300
Jacuzzi Installation4,000
LeakagesCall for Price
Muslim Shower Replacement300
Pressure Motor / Pressure Pump Installation only (to fix low pressure issue)2,500
Motor - Water Bore Motor Installation (Submersible / missile type)Call for Price
Sink / Basin Installation or Replacement800
Sink Spindle Change300
Tap (Mixer) Repair / Replacement500
Tap (Small Single Tap) Replacement200
Toilet Seat English Fitting or Replacement (Excluding Drain / Piping)1,000
Water Heater / Geyser / Stove Services
Geyser (Classic Gas type) Installation without piping2,500
Geyser (Instant Water Heater type) Installation1,500
Geyser Thermostate Replacement1,000
Geyser Burner & Pilot Cleaning 500
Residential Oven / Stove Installation 500
Commercial Oven / Stove Installation or Repair for Guesthouses, Hotels & Restaurants Call for Price
Automatic Washing Machine Simple Installation only1,000
Automatic Washing Machine Comprehensive Installation where there is no provision of inlet, drainage, or electrical point 2,500
Water Tank & Water Draining Services
Draining or removing Water from Flooded Basement or Room - Submersible Pump (Sump pump) Service Call for Price
Tank Cleaning (Cement Roof / Top Water Tank)2,500
Tank Cleaning (Cement Underground / Floor Water Tank) 3,000
Tank Cleaning (Plastic) 1,500
Tank Float Ball Replacement 1/2inch type500
Tank Installation (Plastic Tank Single or Multiple Line) Call For Price

Paint Work Rates

Services Details Rates in PKR
Wall Painting Service
Paint (Interior Repaint) Labour 12 per SqFt
Paint (Exterior Repaint) Labour - if height is up to 25 feet12 per SqFt
Paint (New) Labour - for paint on new plaster up to 15 feet height from floor/lintelStarting at Rs. 15 per SqFt
Paint (inclusive of material) per SqFt Call for Price
Polishing Call for Price

Miscellaneous / Repair / Odd Jobs Rates

Services Details Rates in PKR
Carpentry - Bed Assembly / Installation 500
Carpentry - Bed Disassembly 500
Carpentry - Door Closer Installation 500
Carpentry - Door Handle change (Same Fitting) 500
Carpentry - Door Hinges change 500
Carpentry - Door Installation (New) 1,000
Carpentry - Door Lock Cylinder change 300
Carpentry - Door Lock (Complete) change 500
Carpentry - Drawer Channel Change (Set) 500
Carpentry - Drawer Lock Change 100
Carpentry - Pictures / Wall Hangings (Where size of item does not exceed 1Ft to 3Ft) 200 per item
Carpentry - Pictures / Wall Hangings (Where size of item exceeds 4Ft) 300 per item
Glass Film - Decorative & Privacy Film placed on glass for privacy or aesthetics (installation + materials) Starting at 60 per foot
Glass Film - Safety & Security Glass Films (Anti-Shatter / Safety & Security / PET / Blast Mitigation Films) by Armorcoat, 3M, LLumar Call for Price
Microwave Repair Call for Price
Washing Machine Repair Call for Price
Water Dispenser Repair Call for Price

Additional Information:

a. For Non-Member clients residing in Zone 1 (E, F, G, H & i sectors of Islamabad), minimum order charges are Rs. 500. If your order is less than Rs. 500, you will be billed Rs. 500. For cleaning services in Zone 1, minimum order charges will be different.
b. For Non-Member clients residing in Zone 2 (Bani Gala, Bhara Kahu, Bahria Town, PWD, DHA, & Rawalpindi etc), minimum order charges are Rs. 800. If your order is less than Rs. 800, you will be billed Rs. 800. For cleaning services services in Zone 2, minimum order charges will be different.
c. Minimum charges do not apply to Members.
d. Corporate & Residential Member clients are additionally given free visits as well as exclusive discounts. Please get in touch with us to discuss Memberships further.
e. The rates above are for the Labour / Service on per item basis only; and they do not include the price for parts.
f. Quotations through the phone and email are free.
g. We also provide construction and renovation services at special prices.
h. If there is some job you can't find in the price list above, please call us and we'll gladly give you a quote.
i. In case a job that is being done is not listed, we will bill at Rs. 500 per hour per technician. This only applies to jobs that are not listed.